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      Thank you for visiting.  We hope this site will provide the information you seek.  If not, we invite you to contact us.

      The professionals of the Rural Response Group and PCTI have been providing response, consulting and training services to emergency services, public health and disaster preparedness and response organizations for over 30 years.  There's never been a more critical time for meaningful preparedness, and the Group is committed to helping communities and organizations achieve just that.

      "Competence, not just Compliance"  We are committed to helping our clients achieve genuine competence in preparedness and response, not simply "check box" compliance.  Each of our team members has literally decades of real-world emergency services background, including disaster response and leadership experience.  This exceptional background provides the foundation for the services we provide. 

      Many organizations out there do a good job of providing compliant training and some of those instructors have a good theoretical understanding of the principles and challenges of effective response to complex emergencies.  Our team has been involved in major disaster response as far back as 1974, and instills that experience into the services we provide to every client.

      Our specialties include disaster medical and health, multi-casualty incident management, terrorism preparedness, hazardous materials medical support, and other special operations.   We serve public safety, hospitals, public health  and other health care disciplines. These subjects are not an incidental sideline to our business, they are the very core of what our team does.  To learn more, we invite you to visit those areas of our site of particular interest to you. 

      Rural communities and organizations are the focus of our services.  Rural and remote communities, facilities and organizations have needs and challenges that often defy solution by those practices that work effectively in urban and suburban  areas.  Field response resources are available in fewer numbers and are spaced further apart.-- sometimes much further.  Hospitals often have less comprehensive services and again are spaced further apart.  Public health and emergency management resources can be severely limited in number and scope.  Support services can be scarce or nonexistent.  Finally, a major event will often isolate some or all communities in an impacted area, making it even more imperative that a high level of preparedness and self-sufficiency exists before an emergency occurs.  

      While we recognize the challenges of rural and remote operations, we do not accept that those living in rural communities must accept second-best emergency services.  Differences do not necessarily have to equate to shortcomings.

      Although our team members also have experience in urban centers, rural issues and clients are, well, our favorites.

      The geographic area we serve is virtually unlimited.  Our team members have taught and studied throughout the U.S. and in half a dozen countries abroad.  We are pleased to consider requests to provide our services in just about any spot on the map.

      We invite you to read on to learn more.  And thank you again for visiting.