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      System Assessment

      Services include feasibility studies, needs assessment, development of high performance rural systems, and other emergency medical, emergency preparedness and emergency management consultation. 

      Plan Development and Review

      A variety of planning services are available for rural hospitals, EMS and public health services.  These include assessment of existing plans, updates, interoperability and development of new plans.

      Exercise and Drill Development, Review and Evaluation
      These services include different levels and types of drills and exercises in health care facilities, field settings and elsewhere.

      Real-time Response Support

      The Rural Response Group offers a unique service:  Where geographically and operationally practical, we will contract with a jurisdiction to provide advisory and other support services during emergencies or other events.  At this time, this service is limited to Northern California.  We invite you to contact us for further information.

      Other Consultation

      A variety of other consulting services are available in the medical and health preparedness and response realm.  We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.

      A sampling of past projects:

      • EMS Feasibility Study: Coast Life Support District, Gualala, California 1994
      • Emergency Ambulance Service Implementation:  Hyampom, California 1994
      • EMS Feasibility Study:  Indian Valley Hospital, California 1994
      • Emergency Ambulance Service Implementation:  Siskiyou County, California 1995
      • Ambulance Service Assessment:  City of Etna, California  1996
      • Regional EMS for Children Project:  California 1997-99
      • California EMS Vision Project:  California EMS Authority 1999-2000
      • Statewide EMS Communications Assessment:  California 1998-2000
      • EMS System Assessment:  High Plains Regional EMS Council, Colorado 2001
      • Regional EMS Pediatric Care Training Project:  Emergency Services Foundation California 2001-2002
      • EMS Training Project:  California Office of Traffic Safety 2002
      • EMS Public Information and Education Training curriculum revision project:  NHTSA 2002
      • Rural Health Demonstration Projects-EMS Communications:  Northern California 2002-2004
      • Regional Terrorism Response Plan development:  California 2002-2004
      • Bystander Care Training Project:  California EMS Authority 2001-2003
      • Regional Multi-Casualty Incident Plan development:  North East Colorado All Hazards Region 2004
      • EMS Feasibility Study:  Humboldt County, California 2003
      • EMS System Assessment:  Modoc County, California 2005
      • California Statewide Executive Interoperable Communications Project 2005-2007
      • California Ambulance Strike Team Development Project 2005-2007
      • Statewide Primary Care Disaster Training Project:  University of California, San Francisco 2005-2008
      • ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program multi-county coalition management, California 2003-2008
      • EMS Course for WMD: evaluation and revision, California EMS Authority 2006


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