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      Erik Angle, RN


      Mark Belden, MICP

      William "Nip" Boyes, RN, FNP

      Larry Masterman, MICP, CEM

      Eric M. Rudnick, MD, FACEP

       Steve Tolen, MICP

      Erik Angle, RN

      Erik began in the Emergency Medical field over 16 years ago.  While working as an EMT and a Lead Emergency Department Technician, he received his Nursing degree.  He joined the Fremont Rideout health Group Emergency Department Team in 2000, and currently serves as an ED Supervisor and the EMS, Trauma and Emergency Management Coordinator for the health group. Erik is an instructor in  the Hospital Incident Command System, Hospital Emergency Response Teams, Hazardous Materials/WMD Decontamination and Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum.

      Much like the belief of Winston Churchill, Erik believes that together we succeed, divided we would fail.  He is very strong in his conviction that for the future success in disaster response for our hospitals, agencies and the public we serve, we must have true inter-agency cooperation and interoperability.   

      Specialties:  Hospital-based preparedness and response. hazardous materials, WMDs.

      Mark Belden, MICP

      Mark has been a paramedic for many years, a field supervisor, and operations director for a major U.S. ambulance service.  He has taken a special interest and study in multi- and mass-casualty incident management, and has taught the art and science of critical response operations for many years.  He has deployed to disasters throughout California and other U.S. states.Specialties:  Multi-casualty incident management, ambulance strike teams/medical task forces

       Nip Boyes, RN, FNP

      Nip Boyes has spent decades as a successful EMT, paramedic, television news reporter, public health nurse, emergency planner and clinical nurse practitioner.  Somehow during that time, he also found the time to become an exceptionally effective and engaging instructor.  He has been responsible for county-wide emergency preparedness, and has contributed to preparedness on a regional level and beyond.  His accomplishments also include a guiding role in the award-winning website

      Specialties:  Public health considerations, bioterrorism preparedness and response, risk communication and public information.

      Larry W. Masterman, MICP, CEM

      The founder of PCTI and the Rural Response Group, Larry has over 30 years of emergency and disaster medical and health experience as a paramedic, captain, manager, administrator, educator and regional disaster specialist.  Since his first disaster response in 1974, he has served in incident response and leadership roles for dozens of critical responses and disasters including the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and the 2008 California fire siege.

       He is a Certified Emergency Manager, advanced tactical paramedic, hazardous materials technician, instructor for many national and international curricula, and developer of a wide variety of customized special operations courses. 
      Larry has studied and taught major incident response throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.  He has served as faculty for FEMA's Emergency Management Institute, the University of California San Francisco, and California's Offices of Emergency Services, Fire Marshal, Emergency Medical Services, and Public Health Emergency Preparedness. 

      Specialties:  Disaster medical/health, multi-casualty incident management, hazardous materials, WMD, custom course design, testing and delivery.

      Eric M. Rudnick, MD, FACEP

      Eric is boarded in Emergency Medicine, and has 15 years of ED practice.  He is an advanced tactical physician and medical director for the Northern California EMS agency.

      He is in demand as a trainer for clinical, prehospital, public health and other emergency response personnel.  He is also an accomplished photographer, and his photos often illustrate his presentations.

      Dr. Rudnick is also a consultant, with experience in disaster medical and health preparedness and response, EMS system design and other programs.

      Specialties:  Disaster medical/health, chemical and biological agents, emergency medicine

      Steve Tolen, MICP

      Steve began his EMS career in 1968 as a hospital corpsman in the United States Naval Reserve. Forty years later, Steve is still actively involved in the EMS community as both paramedic and EMS educator.

      Steve currently teaches the emergency medical technician program at Feather River College, where he has been a member of the Associate Faculty since 1987. In addition, Steve is the Safety Officer at Plumas District Hospital in Quincy, Ca and also serves as the Hospital Preparedness Coordinator for Plumas County Department of Health Services.  He has taught ACLS and PALS for the Center of Excellence in Education throughout Northern California.

      Specialties: Rural response to emergency preparedness with a focus on risk assessment and resource management.

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