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      The Rural Response Group is a California approved and licensed provider of Continuing Education for both EMS and nursing, a provider of many established courses, and an accomplished designer of custom courses, specializing in disaster, terrorism, multi-casualty, hazardous materials, emergency management and other special operations subjects.

      A sampling of our course offerings
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      Basic Multi-Casualty Incident Operations (8 hours)

      The Group's MCI courses are unlike others-- we use real-world case studies, including news video, photographs, recordings of incident radio traffic and other enhancements.  Perhaps most unusual, our faculty often uses incidents in which we've been responders and leaders.  In other cases, we conduct our own research into incidents to provide more in-depth analysis and teaching points than we could otherwise.  This popular course includes a number of small group activities, drills and a culminating exercise in order to help students to really comprehend and retain key concepts.  Designed for all prehospital care responders, the course addresses more common limited incidents, the course includes: Triage; Scene Organization and Management; The Ten Most Common Errors in MCI Operations; Key MCI ICS Positions, such as Triage Unit Leader and Treatment Unit Leader; Communications and other topics.     
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      Advanced Muti-Casualty Incident Management  (8 hours)
      As a follow-on to the Basic MCI Ops course, the advanced offering is designed for those in leadership who will be responsible for successful management of larger or more complex multi-casualty incidents, such as company officers, field supervisors, and lead EMS officers.  The course focuses on competencies for those who may fill key positions such as Medical Group Supervisor, Patient Transportation Unit Leader, Medical Communications Unit Leader, and Equipment/Supply Coordinator.  The client hosting each advanced course is also allowed to select from a number of segments depending on local needs.  These may include: WMD considerations; Disaster Medical and Health overview; EMS Support for Tactical Law Enforcement; Hazardous Materials Team Medical Support, or others.       
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      Incident Command & National Incident Command Systems (ICS & NIMS) (Various courses and hours)
      Most levels of ICS, NIMS and the National Response Framework are available.  The Group specializes in designing and delivering compliant training plans and packages that meet the client's needs.  This includes assessing complaince needs, combining courses into practical and cost effective schedules, supporting classes of widely ranging sizes and providing other individualized service.    Fact Sheet
      Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)  (8 to 16 hours)
      The newest HICS curriculum, enhanced to improve visual impact, interactivity, student enjoyment and retention.
      Advanced Disaster Medical Response (8 hours)
      Developed by medical staff from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, this course provides a practical and informed approach to caring for disaster casualties.  Topics include: ABCs of Disaster Management, Blast Injuries, Crush Injuries, Chemical, Radiological and Biological Agents, Psychological Response to Disasters and others.  We consider ADMR to be the finest course of its type available, and we're pleased to be among those groups privileged to offer it.    Fact Sheet
      Emergency Medical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents (8 hours)
      This course provides operational and clinical instruction for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive incidents.  Specific patient care and practitioner safety is included for those agents considered to pose the highest risk in domestic communities.
      Hospital Staffing for Successful Surge Operations (8 hours) 
      This course will equip facilities' leadership teams with effective tools for making the most of their existing staff during surge events and effectively integrating outside personnel.  Topics will include: training and planning, establishing relationships with neighboring facilities, force multipliers, effective management, use of outside teams (eg: Medical Reserve Corps, ESAR-VHP & DMATs) and safe utilization of unaffiliated and spontaneous medical volunteers.
      Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings:  Awareness Level (4 hours)
      Developed by the outstanding staff at the Energetic Materials Research and Training Center at New Mexico Tech University, this course can be delivered locally to provide an understanding of explosive devices and tactics used by modern terrorists, and fundamentals of response to those incidents.  Faculty is trained and authorized by the center. 
      Hazardous Materials Courses for Public Safety and Healthcare Facilities (4 to 16 hours)
      A variety of courses including First Responder Awareness, First Responder Operations, Decontamination, EMS Support for Hazmat Teams and custom courses to meet clients' needs.  Courses are tailored for each class group, so hospital personnel are not trained as firefighters and vice versa. 
      Courses Fact Sheet            Hazmat Training Regulations Fact Sheet
      EMS Awareness for Tactical Law Enforcement Operations (8 hours) 
      This course will provide EMS responders with an awarenes-level understanding of providing medical care in the unique environment of tactical, or SWAT operations.  Topics will include:  The three most lethal injuries for tactical operators and their field management; safe and effective operations near the high-threat environment; tactical equipment and its challenges to patient assessment and care; chemical, pyrotechnic and other less-than-lethal agents, and; specialized patient extrication devices and techniques.
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      Custom Courses & Conferences
      The team has developed and delivered effective emergency preparedness and response training for such diverse groups as public safety, public health, hospitals, clinics, longterm care facilities, and citizen groups.  Groups have ranged from just a few colleagues from a single agency to a conference room full of diverse attendees from a wide geographic area.  We invite inquiries regarding custom curricula.  If we can help you, we'll let you know.  If we can't deliver the training you need, we'll try to refer you to someone who can.
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